Buy the Postcard

Take pictures, but always have a backup plan

When I travel I often forget to take pictures. I’m too engrossed in seeing and experiencing. When I do take pictures I don’t worry about how they will look. Why? Because years ago I learned to just buy the postcards. Postcards are designed to be the “perfect” shot. Professional photographers have often spent weeks trying to get the best picture. They waited for the perfect day and angle. By buying the postcard, I save myself time and aggravation.

I probably have hundreds of different postcards from all the places I have visited. You might be wondering what I do with them all. Well, I frame them. Yes, I frame them! Then I hang them around the house to remember all the glorious places I have been. Every couple of months I look through my collection and change them out. This way I get to see all the beautiful cards and do not have super cluttered walls.

When I first started doing this I felt like I was cheating a little. Then I realized that this practice serves a lot of purposes. First, I get beautiful pictures on my walls. Second, it keeps artists employed. And third, I get more time to enjoy my vacations! Finally, looking at the postcards that are available might show you a location that you had not thought of for your vacation.

Get out there, enjoy your trip, bring home a souvenir that will mean something and that you can proudly display saying, “Yes, I’ve been there.”

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