Clean Out Your Closet, Save Money

Every woman knows she has clothes she doesn’t wear. In fact, the average woman doesn’t wear 70–80% of her wardrobe. That is a ton of wasted space, money, and resources.

The question most of us ask is, “How do I clean this out?”

There are a few steps I use to sort through and figure out what I really use and want to keep.

When I clean out my closet, which I do semi-annually, I play a game called “wardrobe.” This is something my mom and sister and I do when we go shopping and we like too many things. It’s an easy and fun way to figure out what you really like in your closet.

You will need some space to work for this exercise. I use the bed or empty space in the closet.

First, you want to sort your clothing by type. Dresses, pants, tops, etc. This won’t work as well if you are comparing a dress with a pair of shorts. After you have your items sorted by type the fun can begin.

Pick up two items. In 5–10 seconds make a decision on one. Go with your first feeling. Then put the “winner” back in the closet. The other item goes on the bed for further examination.

After you are finished going through your clothes, take a look at the pile on the bed. You can go through the pile one more time and choose anything that would break your heart if you let it go. Make a number of “saves” before you start or you won’t get rid of anything.

Now that you have a great pile of clothes that you don’t need you have to figure out if you are going to donate them, share them with friends or try to sell them.

With a clean closet you will have a better understanding of what you own and best of all, you will wear it!

Take a look at your progress. Be proud of yourself!

What are you saving for?

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