Use Your Take Out Chopsticks Around the House

Don’t Throw Them Away, Re-Purpose Them!!!

I don’t get takeout very often. When I do it’s usually some type of Asian food. I always try and tell them to not put in chopsticks, napkins and other one-use products, but we all know how that goes….

Now I have half a drawer full of wooden chopsticks. I feel terrible about throwing them away so I had to figure out a way to use them. Keep reading to see what I came up with!

  1. Use them as a drying rack. I do not have a drying rack for my dishes. The plastic ones take up too much space and the metal ones tend to rust and need to be thrown out. Now I use a thick fabric mat to dry my dishes. There is one downside, drying glasses and plastic storage ware. The insides of these items never seem to dry. If you put the chopsticks down on the mat or towel, the dishes are raised up off the mat and the air can circulate and dry the dishes.

  2. Use for staking your plants. I plant from seeds when I can. This creates crazy plants sometimes that need a little help growing straight. You can pop a chopstick in the dirt and use a bit of string to tie the plant to the chopstick to keep it growing in the right direction. This is also good for orchids and other houseplants.

  3. Cleaning the tracks of windows and sliding doors can be tricky. If you use a wooden chopstick to push your cleaning rag in these tight spots it is much easier. What I do is wrap the cloth around the end of the chopstick and push it around in the track to help get into all those hard to reach areas. You can also use the chopstick by itself to help break up the dirt in the track or any buildup around your faucets.

  4. Make your own Garden Markers. This also goes in the gardening idea section. If you are growing seeds, you need to remember what you are growing. You can use the chopsticks to make little sign posts for your garden to know what plants are growing where.

  5. Crafts with Children! Think of the possibilities! They could glue them together, or make masts for paper boats. Kids could even use them to create magic wands! There are so many options and they would be nearly cost-free. Let your imagination run wild.

  6. Cook with them. This may seem obvious, but when I was living in Japan, everyone cooked with chopsticks! Once you learn how to use them it’s easy. I love using them for frying because it allows a better grip and it is more precise.

What are you saving for?

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